A few weeks ago, I was talking with our marketing manager and he shared a delightful story/conversation he had with a longtime friend:

As it happened, the two men we outside my friends workshop talking about power equipment, mostly chain saws and leaf blowers, when one commented on a particular brand of power tools and how dependable and efficient they were.  My marketing manager went so far to display his collection of power equipment in that brand and re-emphasize the importance of buying quality and not having to worry about it performing.

His friend commented back (this is why he shared the conversation with me):
“Yes, I installed a cheap kitchen faucet that gave me nothing but trouble, it was difficult to install, I had to make two trips to the hardware store and it leaked.  I got frustrated and threw it away and went to Hughes in Statesville and bought a quality Kohler kitchen faucet.  The better faucet installed seamlessly and never leaked!”

I was obviously pleased that one of our customers shared a story that eventually made it back to me, but the moral of this particular post is: Buy quality parts, appliances and even power equipment and not worry about it performing properly!


Russell Rauch
Hughes Supply Statesville

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