Even the most advanced plumber may find it difficult to keep up with the ever changing times.  Technological advances eliminate some terms and introduce new ones, even in the plumbing industry.  We have previously published a short list of common plumbing terms and today we’ll expand upon them with a few more.

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  • BLACK WATER: refers to the waste water flushed from a toilet
  • CENTERSET: a design variation of a restroom faucet which combines the spout and handle
  • BISQUE: on a china fixture, this is the unglazed portion of the china
  • CAST IRON: an extremely durable, heavy-duty metal still used in numerous high quality bath tubs, also used in pipes and fittings on commercial applications where fire ratings are regulated
  • AGA: American Gas Association abbreviation, often seen on gas appliances as a rating
  • ADA: Americans with Disability Act abbreviation, in the plumbing world, access to restrooms, kitchens, fixtures and other public sanitary facilities are made to be more easily accessible to those with a disability.  Signed into law by President George H.W. Bush in 1990  and recently celebrated its 25th year
  • BTU: British Thermal Unit abbreviation, a measuring scale used to equate the amount of heat needed to raise one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit at sea level
  • AIR ADMITTANCE VALVE: AKA, Auto Vent Traps, this valve allows air to enter waste piping in order to equalize pressure and preserve the seal of trap in plumbing fixtures
  • AIR GAP: to prevent non-potable fluids from flowing reversely into potable water an air-filled space is positioned between the two fluids
  • BALL PASSAGE: measurement reflecting the size of a ball that can pass through a toilet’s trapway

Terms can portray a variety of meanings and may be interpreted in different scenarios entirely, cultural indifferences are the most common misunderstanding of plumbing terms, especially from Europe to US and vice versa.

Russell Rauch
General Manager
Hughes Supply Statesville

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