It’s just the middle of July and North Carolina has been in a drought situation for over a month.  Many “long hot summers” have come and gone, but 2015 has been one similar to the heat wave and drought we endured several years back.  Staying as cool as possible and hydrated is a given, there are endless articles on the internet on how to beat the heat, but today’s post is on how to utilize water in a commercial kitchen setting.

Waste water disposal and the constant rising cost of energy and our city water are squeezing money out of Statesvilles:

  • Restaurants
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Day Care Centers
  • Churches
  • Food Services

A solution to this never ending issue is changing the commercial plumbing fixtures, along with including simple water saving strategies, a few drops here and a few sips there add up to a lot of water when serving the public.

Save Water = $ave Money

Save Water = $ave Money

Saving money is always a smart business strategy, saving water is saving money!

The “Go Green” movement has been in place for a very long time, some have even stopped using the term Green as it has become a part of their everyday lives and they have adapted to a more conservative lifestyle.  Here are some 4 plumbing alternatives that will repay for their initial investment many times over:

  1. Dipperwell faucets waste gallons of water every hour, installing a LOW FLOW Dipperwell faucet will greatly diminish the amount of water used.  Turning the faucet off during periods of less usage will help.
  2. Low Flow aerators in commercial kitchen faucets will measurably save on water, some models will show a reduction down to 0.25 gpm.
  3. Pre-Rinse Spray Valves are now available in low flow models.  Some reduction valves go as low as 0.65 gpm which is nearly 1 full gallon less than the maximum flow rate allowed.
  4. Commercial appliances are often bought used, a worn or damaged rinse nozzle on a commercial dishwasher wastes a lot of water.  Repair or replace worn parts to conserve on water.

Successful restauranteurs understand that to save money, you must spend money.  Investing in the future by repairing and/or replacing costly fixtures and appliances is not only smart, it’s conservative.

Want to learn more on how to save money in a commercial kitchen?  Stop by our showroom on Shelton Avenue in Statesville, we are always happy to discuss energy and water efficiency and share our knowledge with our friends and neighbors.


Russell Rauch
General Manager
Hughes Supply Statesville

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